St Maarten Traveling

It is all about the sunset, the beautiful sunset. I come to St. Maarten for the sunset. sunsetI am standing on the beach watching a bright red sun as it slowly sinks into the sea. They say that the beaches on St. Maarten are pristine and they are right. The water is clear and crystal blue luminous against the sunset. For me it is a calming and soothing experience to empty my mind of all my thoughts and focus on the sunset.

The beaches are wonderful anytime. In the cool morning, it is a pleasure to walk along the edge of the water and feel the sand between my toes. The beaches are the best place to get a golden tan is during the middle of the day. The sun beats down and you can feel the heat warm every muscle of your body. There is a pleasure in tanning. Of course, the sunset is fabulous. One should not underestimate the pleasure of sitting on the beach in the evening under the stars. There are several beaches worth discussing. One beach has white sand. That beach is not to be missed.

I have stayed at several hotels, and I would recommend Simpson Bay Resort & maarten Simpson Bay Resort & Marina I say this because once I arrived on St. Maarten on a sail boat. We were able to go the the Marina and park the boat. The Marina was lovely with clean and comfortable facilities. Another time I stayed at the Simpson Bay Resort and enjoyed excellent accommodations. The staff make every effort to respond to all my requests. The staff were particularly pleasant and accommodating. We stayed in a suite that had a living room and small kitchen. It was possible to have some of our meals in our suite. We are a family and were able to spread out. Some of us worked on a puzzle and there was enough space in the living room to work on the puzzle, leave the puzzle and return to the puzzle without disrupting a piece of the puzzle.



mappThere are two sides of the Island, the Dutch and the French. There is so much to enjoy, such as historic tours of the architecture. It is a delight to take excursions on both sides of the island. The history is very interesting and guides are informative. The Court House is a must to see. There are elegant modern homes on beaches. These architecturally design homes are sculptures. The downtown area of St. Maarten has Dutch buildings, which are multicolored and brightly painted, and they face the water. To make traveling within the island a lot easier,  Value Car Rental has your back.  This great service from st maarten car rental offers vehicles at great prices, and you can always expect quality service hereon the beautiful island of St. Maarten!


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